2010 Congressional debates

Steve Carlson participates in FOUR 4th CD Minnesota 2012 Debates

League of Women Voters Debate, October 15, 2012 at North St. Paul High School

MPR Minnesota State Fair, August 28, 2012 at Minnesota State Fairgrounds MPR Stage


Mondale was not telling the truth in 1984 accepting the Democrat's nomination for U.S. President, and Gov. Mark Dayton is NOT telling the truth about America's future in 2012.

Here's what Walter Mondale said in 1984, when he lost 49 states to Ronald Reagan:

If this administration has a plan for a better future, they're keeping it a secret.

My Statement of Expectation for Romney-Ryan in 2012

The value of this Ryan pick, in addition to putting a team together that will take Washington in the right direction, is that Romney can lead Ryan and get Congress to be more effective. We have to get started NOW, not after the election, looking at this fiscal cliff, and looking at fiscal policy, and LEADERSHIP, to pull back from a second recession. We have to get it done, now, because Obama's team is failing and drifting aimlessly.

A frank response to Al Franken's defense of ObamaCare

I watched this interview. A good interview, although I thought the label of ObamaCare as "visionary" might have been a little subjective. Apart from a brief reference to the "North Side Achievement Zone", which I'm interested in learning more about, certainly we want achievement, Franken had little of substance to say except for a mischaracterization of the so-called "comprehensive" nature of ObamaCare.

Need a Genuine Spirit of Dialogue - the Dalai Lama

CTV broadcast

COMPARE & CONTRAST: MN Daily asks about national gay rights

What would you do for gay rights on the national level?

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