ISSUE #4 Steve Carlson for Congress from Minnesota's 4th District in 2010 -- Education and Opportunity

Boost America's Science and Math Education with New Technology

We must restore quality education in Minnesota
Minerva's Owl

ISSUE #1 The Economy: Jobs and Business


To grow economy and private sector jobs we must overcome critical Minnesota workforce labor shortages

Carlson v. McCollum record on the top issues

Top Issues - Steve Carlson v. Betty McCollum record on...

1. Free elections

* Betty McCollum benefits from gender voting requirements that ensure a woman majority in every voting delegation including endorsement of the CD4 Democrat nominee for the U.S. House.

Benghazi hearing shows Clinton foreign policy is a wasteland of failed states policy

American leadership in bringing peace to a region and to displaced persons in Syria/Iraq

How (1) Transparency, (2) active role for participating states, not force, (3) no religious test, but asylum if targeted for religion or other political persecution, and finally (4) restoring the borders and a safe zone in Syria and Iraq, NOT sectarian civil war, we must NEVER manipulate or participate in a sectarian civil war--will bring about a truly American resolution to the crisis.

A call for liberty, equality and brotherhood in the face of the Paris attack

2014 Senate Nominee and 2016 Presdential candidate Steve Carlson calls out the U.S. media for violations of the protections and rights of man in France, and underscores the importance of law and the constitutions of both the U.S. and France in responding to the attack on satirists in France.

U.S. Senate Nominee for IP-MN faces exclusion from broadcast Senate race debate

Steve Carlson, winner of the statewide primary for the Minnesota Independence Party for 2014, faces an effort to exclude his campaign (but to promote instead DFL'er and television personality Al Franken and rich businessman Mike McFadden) from a debate covered by the 1st Amendment requirements not to stifle political expression during the heat of an election, and by requirements for equal time under federal licensing provisions of broadcasters benefiting from public broadcasting facilities

Steve Carlson confronts Franken and Dayton on actions against Vikings, Peterson

Steve Carlson is the Independence Nominee for U.S. Senator, facing Al Franken November 4. After the Minnesota Vikings announced Adrian Peterson would play, these two DFL'ers who want to be re-elected attacked the Viking decision, forcing the Vikings to "get it right" and suspend Peterson indefinitely with pay. Carlson explains that Franken and Dayton "got it wrong" not the Vikings. Carlson carefully distinguishes between a parent doing what is right and violence against persons.

Carlson, Franken, McFadden can't WAIT to DEBATE in Minnesota!

This increasingly important race for the national leadership of the Senate is shaping up to be anyone's guess, as Franken fails to reach 50% and Steve Carlson, Nominee of IP, dishes out the issues facing America today.

My views on education - an in-depth wide-ranging discussion of where I'm coming from - begins with a prayer

Where did American education come from? Where's it going?

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