NOVEMBER 4 is INDEPENDENCE DAY in Minnesota! U.S. Senate election to preserve Independence Party for 2014, future elections


First, the policy that is not being enforced. Pardon my music, but it carries a powerful message

Second, here is a plain discussion of how the Wilberforce law is supposed to be implemented to protect these children and fight exploitation, if you want a clear explanation of why they New York Times and Brit Hume are wrong in their understanding of this law.

Your Day in Court - A Poem by Steve Carlson 2014

A cause I brought, to court I thought for justice;
But ne'er did I forsee the plot ahead.
A judge! I thought what wisdom was forthcoming.
But shocked, I took a look at what she said.

Lady Justice, so they say, is blind and balanced.
But this one tipped a bit too much one way.
A case submitted but not the one I knew;
An answer, blind and dark to end the day.

Your day is done, it said, and left the rest out.
Now run along and don't come back again.

I have filed for the U.S. Senate against Al Franken, and will be in a statewide Independence Party primary

I have filed to run against Al Franken, I am running to be U.S. Senator. I believe that Al does not have a safe seat like, unfortunately for Minnesota, Betty McCollum and Keith Ellison do. I believe the DFL has the elections rigged through quotas based on race, on gender (the largest "group", men are not listed as a group), and other characteristics that should be irrelevant to free and fair elections, and that the State of Minnesota is in SERIOUS violation of the U.S. Constitution by forcing voters to adhere to these "principles" of sexism, racism and other group identity conflicts.

Steve Carlson: VA treatment scandal calls for immediate HOTLINE set up by Congress and Obama to reach out

I would put out an immediate call, if I were Barack Obama, for all wounded veterans from Iraq or Afghanistan, or who have cancer, to immediately CALL A VA URGENCY HOTLINE, or their family or relatives to call. Should be set up especially to handle this crisis, to get out ahead of it. Shinseki should announce it, Obama should publicize and support it and urge these vets to call, even if they have already talked to the VA. Those with cancer needs, screening or treatment should immediately be connected to American Cancer Society navigators.

Independence Party's Steve Carlson wins in U.S. Supreme Court vs. Minnesota DFL'ers -- Supreme Court Judgment Vacates and Remands


Steve Carlson reads from his reply brief in case 13-8124, certiorari granted, case vacated and remanded April 28, 2014

St.Paul is a beautiful city - It's not too late to keep it that way - Dump Central Corridor November 6, 2012!

Your Tax Dollars at Work Destroying Once-Beautiful Section of St. Paul and Minnesota's Capitol Heights, Courtesy of Democrats BETTY MCCOLLUM, AMY KLOBUCHAR and BARACK OBAMA (and KEITH ELLISON Strongly Supports This) -- LET'S REPEAL THIS ON NOVEMBER 6 and RESTORE ST. PAUL! VOTE STEVE CARLSON for CONGRESS and sweep out the Democrats. MINNESOTA! WE can do better!
Steve Pic

WAKE UP 2012!
Steve Pic

Preserve the beauty of St. Paul, stop Central Corridor November 6, VOTE Independence Party Nominee STEVE CARLSON for U.S. House of Representatives 2012.

August 21, 2012 - St. Paul is a truly beautiful city. St. Paul is OUR city, not Barack Obama's or Chicago's or Betty McCollum's. When John McCain and Sarah Palin came here to get nominated by the Republicans, many called St. Paul one of the most beautiful cities in America!

That was then. This is now. St. Paul's beauty is threatened by a HUGE, UNWANTED, and inappropriate light rail system which is destroying homes, communities and private businesses stretching from St. Paul to Minneapolis. It was not worth the billion dollars taxpayers have begun to pay for it (not counting interest).

Betty did WHAT?!

Betty, are you NUTS?!

There's still time to save the St. Paul downtown and University Ave. We should not take the city's beauty for granted.

St. Paul birdbath in summer


Still life at Como Zoo

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