Duluth Debate - Sen. Franken tries to explain what he can do to help northern MN economy

Neither Franken's nor McFadden's attempts to explain how to revive northern Minnesota's flagging economy were successful. But in my opinion, Al outdid his old SNL routines, and raises questions about whether he is serious and not still spoofing political leaders. Back to the drawing board.

Minnesota Independence Party candidates discuss it's destiny and its purpose with Strib

The StarTribune's Lori Sturdevant has long talked about the Independence Party, one of the most interesting features of Minnesota politics, in her politics columnist beat. She called this meeting of the 2014 candidates, in a year of controversy and turmoil, to ask: "Why would anyone want to vote for the Independence Party?" This is what we told her.

Steve Carlson draws differences with Al Franken in StarTribune interview

Independence Party candidates met for the first time to discuss the Party's upcoming campaign in all state wide offices and federal offices. Steve faults Senator Franken on attacks on free and fair elections, ObamaCare admitted flaws, and failure to amend the National Bank Act, which would create millions of new jobs--and sets out radical centrist views on the economy, drug laws and marriage rights.

Steve Carlson comments on Sen. Franken's posture on ObamaCare

Carlson visited Rochester, MN and submitted this recording of the Duluth Senate Debate on ObamaCare. Medical excellence and community organization to fight breast cancer represent two alternatives to ObamaCare.

Steve Carlson KSTP Public Service Announcement - Expanded

Expanded version of 2-minute PSA taped tonight at KSTP-TV, one of Minnesota news leaders in the Senate campaign. Question: Paul Wellstone said "Politics is about improving people's lives." It this REALLY what Al Franken and the DFL are doing in Washington and Minnesota?

Part II Duluth Debate - Pipelines, rail and PolyMet and Al Franken's ineffectiveness

Part II of the Duluth Debate where Al Franken could not escape debate. This focuses on Al's failure, in six years, to figure out if sulfide mining is even safe. And yet, he's pushing it as his only jobs program. And thinks he's doing a great job!

Duluth Debate for U.S. Senate - Steve Carlson, Independence Party of Minnesota

Al Franken is still ducking debates. And so is Mike McFadden! But they can't escape debate! Steve Carlson nails them and will force open the remaining debates, having filed one FCC complaint so far, including violations of the 1st Amendment.. Free and fair elections!! Guess Harvard guys don't need democracy.

Steve Heads to Duluth Minnesota for big U.S. Senate Debate Today as Legally Qualified Candidate

Steve Heads to Duluth Minnesota for big U.S. Senate Debate Today

Debate This! Why I don't get excited about repealing moribund ObamaCare

Part of a Series of Debate Topics called "Debate This!" Independence Party Nominee for U.S. Senator from Minnesota Steve Carlson tells his own story with the failure of ObamaCare and the blessing of a national targeted cancer screening program that touch his own life, and which he has promoted as the alternative to ObamaCare.

Debate this! Foreign policy 1 IP-MN Nominee challenges Franken/McFadden on Middle East missteps

Freshman Senator Al Franken is up for re-election in 2014. As the crisis in the Middle East deepens, Al seems to shift the war on terror to Minneapolis! The town he's supposed to represent. What went wrong? And what IS the policy we need to follow to steer the nation and world to the calm, deep waters and away from the rocky shores?

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