Teresa Collett on repealing ObamaCare: "Political winds are behind our back, so I think we can do it, possibly.."

Teresa Collett, on a KTLK broadcast from the Minnesota State Fair September 7, confronted with the strong demand to repeal ObamaCare, confessed to her own lack of leadership on this issue, saying if there were enough Blue Dog Democrats elected to form a two-thirds majority with the House Republicans or Independence Party members "I think we can do it [override an Obama veto of a repeal of ObamaCare], possibly." She admitted that she had opposed repeal until she felt the political winds might be at her back. But the Blue Dog Democrats are going to be the ones lose in the 2010 elections. Here's KTLK transcript:

SUE JEFFERS: “I know lots of people, Teresa Collett, say the number one thing they want is to repeal ObamaCare. Whadda ya think?”

TERESA COLLETT: “I think that’s something that we ought to repeal and replace. Repeal and replace. [Applause] And the fact is, that, you know, I confess when they first passed it looking at the political winds I said we’re gonna to have to override President Obama’s veto, we’ll two-thirds of the house and two-thirds of the senate, umm, ahh, you know, We’re gonna have to you know not fund all the new programs he created and wait ‘til 2013. I’m not so sure anymore, you’ve got democrats out there runnin’ against Obama, you’ve got democrats out there runnin’ against Pelosi and Harry Reid. We may, we’re gonna take the house, no question, We’re probably gonna take the senate…and if we join with the Blue Dog democrats, we might have the 2/3 to repeal it. It’s really, The political winds are behind our back, so I think we can do it, possibly….we need to pick up 39 seats.”

Scroll down to hear podcast of State Fair Show (Collett comes up in about the middle of the show).
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