Steve Carlson, Diana Longrie, Teresa Collett Steve Carlson, Diana Longrie, Teresa Collett

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Welcome to the Independence Party Candidate Steve Carlson website for 2010. I have undertaken this campaign against incumbent Rep. Betty McCollum to save the United States of America, before America as we know it slips away, losing those precious core values and traditions, including the U.S. Constitution. I am seeking your support in my bid to replace Betty in the U.S. House of Representatives as our Representative from the 4th District, Minnesota. Thank you for visiting. I ask you to compare my positions to Betty's and see the urgent need for change now. This website offers many clear reasons for voting with me in 2010 to save America.

You can read here about my positions on Health Care Repeal and Reform, Jobs and Economics, Education and Opportunity, Budget issues and the recession, Federal legislation on Mexican immigration and civil rights, pro-life legislation, and the threat of Minnesota terrorism from the Obama administration's plans for Thompson, IL, and you can see a clear difference with the Incumbent Rep. Betty McCollum on the quality of leadership I offer, and the 4th Congressional District needs.

My background as a political leader and policy-maker, community activist and journalist provide the kind of experience, judgment and commitment America needs now, and that is why I have chosen to run. I have been inspired by the spirit of the Tea Party resistance against the socialization of our health care system, including the abortion industry agenda and government takeover and limitation of our health care and quality of life. I am also motivated by a strong determination to STOP the THOMPSON, ILLINOIS plans of the Obama administration. This CANNOT STAND. But I feel just as passionately about all the other areas I discuss here, including building up America as a truly racially inclusive country. The original intent of the civil rights movement of the last century was to overcome racial inequality in the areas of education, economics and identity. Instead we face a loss of identity, loss of jobs and economic growth, and loss of American influence and leadership! How is this happening?! We must lead, we must restore America and pursue our destiny conferred on us by our Creator. These are not words. These are the hope and purpose of our nation. I want to turn our nation back to God, one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all. And I'm very serious about this. I'm a student of the Constitution, and I believe it secured inalienable rights for all Americans, and will not give them up.

I ask for your vote on August 10, 2010, as the better choice over the Democratic and Republican candidates. Thank you for visiting my website, and please, take the time today to read through my issue positions here, and to participate directly by leaving your own comments in response to the issues I raise. I will read every comment. I want your help to make the best possible laws for America in 2010.

* I have decided to seek the support of members of both the Tea Parties, including the Tea Party Express. I agree we have to get our country back, get back on track, and make sure the principles that the nation is founded on are clearly understood not only by all voters, but by all media and political parties. That means walking away from spin. I seek the support of members of the NAACP as well, and disagree that the Tea Party is a racist party or that the leaders have to follow the NAACP directive to "rid" themselves of people the NAACP judges to be racist. I seek a 2010 campaign free of race-baiting.

Picture: Republican Teresa Collett and Democrat Diana Longrie discuss how to save America with congressional candidate Steve Carlson after their first debate, in St. Paul.