2010 Congressional debates

Minnesota 4th District Congressional forum for U.S. House from GTN TV Government Television Net on Vimeo.

Segment 1

Carlson says leadership means defining our engines of economic growth in Bush tax cut debate

Segment 2

Carlson says U.S. must put the foot to the brake to stop China from buying U.S. auto industry

Segment 3

Carlson: Cut federal role and return activity to states to cut federal debt, spur economic growth

Segment 4

Carlson explains how Congress can promote just-in-time hiring to create private sector jobs as U.S. battles extended recession

Segment 5

Carlson hammers Central Corridor disaster as Betty McCollum defends her use of stimulus money to destroy St. Paul jobs, businesses and neighborhoods

Segment 6

Carlson proposes selective defunding of ObamaCare and quick repeal, then reform including targeting health disparities between races for killer diseases

Segment 7

Carlson explains why market forces create great health care, and why government health care cannot work

Segment 8

Carlson explains why income tax hikes and capital gains hikes will not help grow businesses or the economy, or help seniors on a fixed income.

Segment 9

Carlson decries McCollum's introduction of House bill to establish public option in ObamaCare, decries Collett's refusal to repeal and selectively defund ObamaCare

Segment 10

Carlson urges that banks hold more mortage money, warns of danger of mortgage-backed securities, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae mortgage schemes

Segment 11

Carlson criticizes Pelosi's leadership style, big-government priorities and lack of progress

Segment 12

Carlson urges cutting federal government's size and regulatory authority, expanding state's regulation and protecting against harmful federal laws

Segment 13

Carlson urges restored leadership in science and mathematics education to regain international competitiveness

Segment 14

Carlson urges bringing manufacturing jobs back to U.S., restoring American leadership in jobs and economic growth in U.S.-Mexico proposed International Border Zone

Segment 15

Carlson proposes business and political leadership to Mexican border, Mexican American Border States Rights Act to define integration of the two countries based on 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Segment 16

Carlson ties breakdown of family to problems funding Social Security and Medicare, calls for protection and end to generational conflict in policy