Prince life matters, Philando Castile life matters, Officer Yanez life matters

As the Democratic alternative to Betty McCollum at the top of the 2016 primary ballot I composed this rap about the tragic events of Falcon Heights, which is in my district, so I had to speak out on it. I had already been composing the work on a Guns'n'Roses road trip to Cincinnatti when the tragedy of Philando Castille occurred, so I postponed and recomposed this work, "ALL LIVES MATTER". And they do.

Introducing a new party movement - Independent Democrats to challenge a corrupt establishment.

Corrupt DFL gender, race, anti-faith voter quotas spread across the land in 2016, threaten Constitution

Independent Democrat challenges Hillary Clinton, leader of political corruption. Steve Carlson, formerly of the Minnesota Independence Party, wants to cleanse the Democrat Party of it's unconstitutional distortions of America's democratic republic.

Independent Candidate Carlson: PROTECTING YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE


Race equity under assault in higher education

Race equity in education, under assault

Steve Carlson argues that we must draw on our Constitution and education to maintain the mission of higher education. Discussion of Yale and University of Missouri incidents.

IP's Steve Carlson explains why states cannot be required to replace real marriage with oppression by homosexuals

Steve Carlson responds to tyrannical edict from New York Times Editorial board threats to courts, legislatures and common people regarding what states must do under the new age rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court in Obergefell.

Independent Candidate Carlson attacks Clinton's gender-quota strategy in 2016 Presidential election

STEVE CARLSON TO U.S. Supreme Court - MAKE Gov. DAYTON RE-CERTIFY Franken Senate race

"Deal me in!" shouts Hillary Clinton, in bid to be first woman chosen

Hillary and Debbie Wasserman Schultz stack the deck with woman's cards.

2014 Election Contest against Al Franken's destruction of Minnesota's Independence Party

American independent voters must unite to replace Congress, secure liberty

The independent voters of America are awakening. Our first task is to replace Congress, and elect a strong and effective President in 2016. Steve Carlson, an independent candidate for president from the Minnesota Independence Party, tells American voters to wake up and move effectively so that America will not only be restored, but America will survive, and be restored to its rightful place.

Steve Carlson statement on Michael Brown verdict and positions of Sens. Franken and Klobuchar

The facts of Ferguson are now coming out. How should America respond? And how should we respond to the insurrections promoted in its aftermath? Steve Carlson, 2014 IP Nominee for U.S. Senate-MN, shows the way forward, to the mountaintop

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