IP's Steve Carlson explains why states cannot be required to replace real marriage with oppression by homosexuals

Steve Carlson responds to tyrannical edict from New York Times Editorial board threats to courts, legislatures and common people regarding what states must do under the new age rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court in Obergefell.

Steve provides legal shield for refusal of service to homosexual/lesbian ceremonies


In May 2013, Steve attended the actions of the Minnesota legislature as the DFL barbarians trashed marriage in a campaign "promise" from the 2012 elections.

They had promised a long discussion to enlighten Minnesotans about justice, but instead, laughing and giggling, they gleefully turned on normal, moral Minnesotans and desecrated the institution of marriage. For money and votes. FINALLY, the U.S. Supreme Court will take up the cause of four states who, like many others, sought to protect Americans from these barbarians, who have teamed up with Obama and other haters to weaken and ultimately destroy America, so they can get others to bow to their debauchery and attacks on religious liberties. In this video, outside the Legislatures as the DFL savaged marriage insie, Carlson explained how the legislature had twisted the practice of licensing marriage into a professed power to define and even create new forms of marriage through a new state religion, in violation of our 1st Amendment, and the Minnesota Constitution. When nominated for the U.S. Senate in 2014 by the Independence Party, another hater, Al Franken, New York TV comedian Al Franken, teamed with New Yorkers like CBS news and the Democrat-Republican duopoly to black out the election, so that this viewpoint, of the sacredness of real marriage under the U.S. Constitution could be eliminated from the debate and discussion, thus undermining American democracy.