What is the Tea Party in Minnesota?

Minnesota's Tea Party is a response to a Democratic Congress gone wild

It is not enough to feel good about having the right policies or to raise money for a grassroots organization.

In 2010 we've got to save America. It has to be done now. If you look at the Bachmann rally http://bit.ly/ayQfIV you will see what the Tea Party is--a national movement with many supporters, like myself, in Minnesota. If people want to get involved they will run for office and support candidates at state and federal levels in 2010 and in 2012.

Funds do not need to flow from a Minnesota organization. What does need to happen is that we shrink the federal budget now, in order to give powers and activities back to the states, so the federal government does not continue to strangle the state economies with taxes and usurpation of powers like the right to provide a quality education, to protect the environment, to meet energy needs and so forth. Minnesota can do a much better job than the federal government in meeting these needs for Minnesota. We need to go through the federal budget and totally revamp the system, to free the energy of the whole state, not just a grassroots organization like the Tea Party.

It's not a Republican thing, and Republicans should not try to buy off the Tea Party. I support Tom Horner for governor because he's got a coherent growth strategy for the state. Just getting out the axe and cutting taxes and spending for one election cycle is not going to be enough to save America. We've got to define, we've got to have a coherent growth strategy beyond just cutting, and we've got to get discipline in the U.S. House of Representatives, and that's why I'm running for Congress, and that's why I support the Tea Party movement, and have since the fight against ObamaCare broke out in the open. http://bit.ly/buD1bL