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Steve Carlson
Steve Carlson, Diana Longrie, Teresa Collett


Minnesota District 4 U.S. representative





City of residence:

St. Paul


Writer, newspaper editor, consultant; University of Minnesota, 1986; former member, MPIRG, Minnesota Daily publications board, University of Minnesota Senate and CLA Assembly, representative to Board of Regents, etc.; USAF honorable discharge; married. Enjoy reading, sports, music, languages and writing.


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Most important issue:

Immediately repeal and replace so-called Affordable Health Care for America act. Republicans say we cannot act until conservatives elect a new President. But we must act, quickly bringing real reform that is pro-life at every stage. Obamacare allows unlimited insurance premium growth! Doctors are limited. The uninsured still won't get access to real health care. It impermissibly takes away control of families' health care, establishing limited, basic standards of care, promoting dependence on the government and policies to withhold healthcare. Obamacare makes as much sense as sub-prime mortgages. It needs to be stopped now.

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Candidates were asked to respond to statements on five policy issues. They were given seven options: "Strongly agree", "Somewhat agree", "Have mixed feelings", "Somewhat disagree", "Strongly disagree", "Have no opinion" and "Do not wish to respond."

Congress should repeal the national overhaul of health care.

Strongly agree

The federal government should pump more money into the economy to prevent a double-dip recession, even at the risk of further increasing the deficit.

Somewhat disagree

BP should pay all costs associated with the oil spill in the Gulf.

Strongly agree

The U.S. should stick to the 2011 schedule to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

Strongly disagree

Congress should ban all earmarks until the deficit is under control.

Somewhat disagree