Stop the train wreck now! Honeywell shows the new "healthcare" landscape

Steve Carlson, Independence Party Nominee for U.S. Senate, gives his observations on Mike McFadden's and Al Franken's amazing embrace of a "wellness" program which will soon be required of all employers, that forces extensive bloodwork on all employees and their spouses by November 14, 10 days after this ObamaCare election. This is the post-Obama Brave New World of healthcare fascism

#stribpol #mn2014 #ap #teaparty #nytimes #washpost Regarding the 97% @mike4MN @alfranken agreement I mean it seriously, and not just this horrendous Honeywell program. Apart from their obvious agreement that the Independence Party candidate should not be allowed in any U.S. Senate debates for the entire debate season, they agree on Honeywell; they agree there should be no boots on the ground in Syria, and they love Obama's "airstrike" policy; they agree on Net neutrality; they agree the Polytek project should go ahead after a period of review; they agree Franken has voted with Demorat leadership 97% of the time; they agree the 50% graduation rate in Minneapolis is unacceptable; they agree early childhood programs will be some kind of factor in mitigating it; they agree there are good charter schools that might help with this problem and bad ones, and that mitigating it with charter schools would be good; they agree that there should be airstrikes in Syria, but Obama just started them this year; they agree that the farmer's problems with shipping their crops should be; addressed, and that oil pipelines are of course the most efficient way to transport oil and that would free up more train cars for grain etc. They agree that the Iran sanctions helped prevent a nuclear Iran. That's basically it. This is based on their positions in "debates" between each other, on which they overwhelmingly, really totally agree on everything! Sparks? Well, Mike says he would have got the pipeline deal done sooner, Al says he's frustrated too and wishes it was faster. There's gridlock in Washington (Mike doesn't go so far as to say Al has caused the gridlock--Al blames Obama. Mike blames Obama). Mike says hie might have been at a hockey game when called about the Syria red-line last year, but hasn't said he'd have disagreed with Al.

Now, for my positions and how they different from Tweedledee and Tweedledum and Dummer (Mike and Al). Polytek should not be done. That's because after 9 years in ineffective government with Al trying to work with Polytek to "decrease the risk" of poisoning the Lake Superior groundwater for hundreds of years, it's still not safe. Try something else. We don't want BWCA to look like the surface of the moon. Early childhood programs have not been either tested or developed to address the student population in Minneapolis, and it will be hugely expensive. Charter schools are okay but they compete with the other public schools for funding and teachers don't like them. We need private schools, and we need a Student Tuition Organization (or "School Tuition Organization" like was approved in Arizona to really give parents and children options to get out of the ZIP determination of their future. Al is not only the most partisan Senate in Washington, he's the cause of the gridlock. The Tea Party and Ted Cruz did not shut down the government, Obama and Franken did. Ted Cruz is not at the opposite end of the spectrum as Franken claims and accepts, he is close to he middle in the study, right around the median for working across party-lines. We need a coherent military strategy against ISIS, it is not just their brutality, they simply cannot be allowed to resolve the U.S. efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan by erecting a new, huge Islamic country that will vie with all the other countries to lead an Islamic takeover of the world. We must disarm them and force thm to surrender and we need boots on the ground to take their surrender and secure the area, and air power superiority should be preserved and used to defeat them directly, not "degrade and destroy" somebody and other mealy-mouthed mumbo-jumbo we hear from the White House. Net neutrality is not the issue, the issue is whether a new regime will be applied to broadband, or whether it will be subject to exactly the same expectations of strong rules like universal access, free, access to develop new applications, and so forth, or a non-specific weaker regime. It should be the same. The amount of GDP of 21% of new GDP is irrelevant, but the net neutrality for broadband is. The Honeywell "wellness" plan is unconstitutional and part of the trainwreck which needs to be immediately derailed, to get out of the way of real healthcare progress and reform. And the Independence Party candidate needs to be included because it is a major party under the Minnesota Legislature's prescription of the sellection fo U.S. Senators, and the State needs to enforce its Legislative prescription because the right to vote comes not from Minnesota but directly from the U.S. Constitution, Art. I Section 4. It is not a choice. The FCC has not replaced the U.S. Constitution as the arbitrator and enforcer of that Constitutional right to vote, which is fundaments.