Steve addresses the press about weaknesses in Senator Franken's first-term approach and educational failure

The rap on Al Franken's unconstitutional performance

Al Franken ducked ALL debates in the general election! He expressed "concern" about Obama's pending immigration unilateral action. Had Al debated me on this there would have been meaningful dialogue before Minnesota's voters, instead of hiding behind Mike McFadden's capitalist pantlegs. Here what I think about that. Read on to see what I'm going to do about it.

Steve at the Fitzgerald Theater addressing St. Paul Pioneer Press, The Uptake and MPR Radio at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul in response to a few comments in the debate which was restricted to just the first-term former comedian Senator Al Franken and political novice Mike McFadden. Issues addressed of the impact on Franken's accomplishments of his being wedded to an Obama gridlock; and how to address the achievement gap in Minneapolis, where just 50% of students are graduating, with horrendous results for black students and hispanic students.