ISSUE #2 America's Health Care

OBAMA: I cut Medicare to fund one-third of ObamaCare projected costs, and I will veto any attempt to restore Medicare.

"Four years we've had Democrats everywhere, But all they've come up with is ObamaCare. They want the public option called the single-payer, But they just left insurance costs way up in the air." Click the lines of song to link to Steve Carlson rap video.

We Must ACT NOW to Save America's Health Care


Minnesotans oppose ObamaCare at Betty McCollum's Washington office.

Go for it! Tell Obama you DO want to repeal and reform.

We Must DEFEAT THE OBAMACARE TAX AT THE POLLS NOVEMBER 6 to Save America's Economy and Health Care System

While Collett balks at repeal, and McCollum has introduced a new bill to establish the public option, Carlson proposes selective defunding of ObamaCare and quick repeal, then reform including targeting health disparities for killer diseases

Ronald Reagan's voice addresses Democrat assault on American health care system

Because America can't wait to repeal the Democrats' new health care reform law...

...until we elect a new president. Congress must immediately repeal and replace Obamacare--the so-called Affordable Health Care for America Act--in 2011! We are forcing burdensome, skyrocketing premiums on those least able to afford it and putting our health care system at risk.

While many Republicans claim repealing Obamacare is the aim of the Republican party nationwide, many in the party, including Republican endorsed candidate Teresa Collett, now urge Americans to delay repealing the awful Act until conservative Republicans elect a new U.S. President. But I think if we cannot immediately turn back this attack on the U.S. health care system, we will not elect a new president to save our health care. Republicans like Collett must not use the American health care system as a political football.

But at the 4th Congressional District candidate debate June 7th

Teresa Collett, the Republican candidate, said: "Repeal is not realistic...

...and ultimately we have to wait for the election of a new president…notwithstanding how angry people are throughout the country about this bill we will not have the two-thirds majority necessary to override the Obama veto with an attempted repeal at this time."

LINK: Minnesota's Mayo Clinic says ObamaCare is deeply flawed, expresses "areas of concern."

Many Republicans are showing a lack of resolve, and leadership to save our health care. I believe we can, and must, act now, and quickly bring about real reform and not sit back and let this unhealthy bureaucracy take shape like a cancer on America's health care system. If we need two-thirds of the House of Representatives to repeal health care and replace it with something better, then let's elect them now! Let's vote in Independence and Tea Party candidates who will repeal, save and replace the health care system. I believe if we put forward something better than this, and challenge the fines and taxes facing Americans under this plan, we will get two-thirds of the Independence, Democrat or Republican members of Congress to sustain it, and the administration will be forced to relent.

I believe in a health care system that is pro-life, that respects human life at every stage, from conception to the end of life. We don’t need Obamacare, we need a variety of targeted approaches to prevention, education, screening and diagnosis, and treatment.

This won’t happen just because the federal government intervenes and spends trillions of dollars, or because we try to slow down that bureaucracy by de-funding alone. We need a real cure. Bureaucracy will not cure cancer, in fact it is a cause of cancer and other disease. It’s no joke that in countries with government health care people stand in line for months and years to get screened and that increase the risk and incidence of cancer. The same is true of other catastrophic illnesses, heart diseases, diabetes, etc. We need government to play the proper role in health care, now, not in five years.

A national breast and cervical cancer screening and treatment program which in Minnesota is called SAGE, subsidizes critical health care with private and public dollars, and is the right approach and should be used to fight other cancers and catastrophic illnesses, and for reducing health disparities. I believe these targeted initiatives, based on private/public partnerships, have broad bipartisan support, and will pass in place of Obamacare. Rep. Michele Bachmann says we can defund Obamacare, and I support that. But I believe the mandates have got to be repealed now, and we've got to have real health care reform.

Independence Party Platform Core Value

"Government policies which encourage and expect personal responsibility."

Obamacare took the limits off insurance premiums!

What has Betty McCollum and her work to pass Obamacare done for you? Rep. McCollum has taken the limits off of insurance premium growth! Insurance companies say increases are unavoidable because the new health law requires them to offer better benefits. Pres. Obama, after attacking health insurance companies repeatedly to get this bad legislation through, is now reduced to asking them not to blame his health care law for the rate increases, and is politely asking that they keep the lid on. But on July 26 the Wall Street Journal reported that the "Health Law Augurs Transfer of Funds from Old to Young." Why wouldn't we want to repeal this?

And that's not all. Because doctors are limited, these uninsured will still not get access to real health care. In 2009 and in 2010, millions of Americans openly and angrily opposed Obamacare because it takes away avenues some people might have to protect themselves against killers like cancer and heart disease. The policy undercuts the ability of free people using their means--their own wealth and entitlements--to save their lives and preserve their health, or to enhance their quality of life. There has been a public attack on wheelchairs for those who need them! And preventive measures like exercise programs for our older Americans are said to be wasteful, an untapped motherlode of cash to fund this wasteful federalized health care program.

Obamacare seeks to establish limited, basic standards of care, and promotes dependence on the government. As Betty McCollum admits, Obamacare “Aims at a basic level of health care for Minnesota.” Many are not satisfied with only a basic level. And the new law just passed would promote policies to withhold healthcare based on government regulations. It must be stopped, and Congress can and must still do that, and that is what I will do in Washington.

Independence Party Platform Core Value

"Rights of privacy and personal liberties under the US Constitution, the Minnesota Constitution, and the Bill of Rights of the United States shall be strongly defended."

Obamacare is unconstitutional and fiscally irresponsible

The law is unconstitutional. Democrats argue it is constitutional because it is a "tax." But exactly what "tax" did the House of Representatives pass? A bill promising to hold down insurance premiums? But that cap was removed just as the final bill was approved. So now this "tax," which is really just fines scheduled to take effect in 2014 for those uninsured who can't keep up with the rising rates, floats like the BP oil-well cap in the Gulf, with premium and coverage for Americans based on the decisions of the insurers we are all mandated to buy policies from. The House needs to immediately look at this unacceptable tax burden and correct it in 2011. We don't have time to let this play out, we've got to cap this now! Repeal, save and reform in 2011.

Obamacare makes about as much sense as sub-prime mortgages, where those who could not afford the lower rates were required to buy houses paying much higher rates. Predictably, it didn't work, and neither will Obamacare, and it needs to be stopped now. Americans have a constitutional right to use their funds to voluntarily enter into contracts to obtain medical care, and this new state action prevents us from freely contracting for the health care we want. It violates the 5th Amendment and the Contract Clause of the U.S. Constitution, and the power of the House of Representatives to originate all tax bills. This is a monstrosity, not a tax.

Betty McCollum must not be Re-elected

Betty McCollum introduced an amendment to the constitution in the House of Representatives that would somehow make healthcare a constitutional right. But who knows what the ramifications of that would be? She said she wanted to amend the constitution because she believes too many have access to health care through emergency rooms, which is more expensive. McCollum's constitutional amendment is a bad idea. It would take a very long time, be very expensive, and entangle both health care and the government in endless litigation.

Democrats pushed through Obamacare not for the good of America, but for political expediency, to improve the chances they could be re-elected after a year of going nowhere. Now Rep. McCollum, a Democratic whip argues that she should be re-elected because Democrats in Congress and the White House destroyed the U.S. health care system without a single republican vote! She should not be reelected , and Congress needs to go back and do the bill over. This time, we do need to listen to Republicans in congress and we do need to listen to the Independence Party in Congress too. I ask for your vote for U.S. Representative in 2010 so I can lead the repeal, save and reform of our health care system in the House.