ISSUE #5 Fixing the Budget and Ending the Recession

"Collett says we're a post-racial society,
but we still don't have just equal opportunity.
Red, white and yellow, black, tan, and white,
We've got to pull together to make it alright." Link to Steve Carlson rap video.

"Now racial equality, you know it seems right. Red, brown and yellow, black tan and white. We've got to pull together to pull our country through." Link to Steve Carlson video of this song (AOL News)

Carlson: Cut federal role and return activity to states to cut federal debt, spur economic growth

LINK: SEE entire general election debate of White Bear area Chamber of Commerce including all three Congressional candidates
Lincoln's Penny
"Our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal...It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." - Pres. Abraham Lincoln

Imperative for a balanced budget: An End to Racial Disparities

First and foremost, racial disparities/discrimination in employment and their impact on the budget need to be addressed immediately, and can be. I believe that building strong families has to be the cornerstone of ending racial disparities/discrimination. Materialism cannot do this, only faith in God, that teaches us true values of family and community. Turning against these values is destroying our families and destroying America, and the Democrats are attacking and undermining these values, in our schools, in our legal system, and in our military. They are weakening the United States of America which we fought so hard, and Minnesotans sacrificed to preserve. This attack is folly, and is blowing up our deficits at the federal level. We MUST downsize, and return power to the states. Then you must get involved as voters to carry out these functions effectively in the state of Minnesota, instead of letting Nancy Pelosi and Betty McCollum and Barack Obama do it. I'm talking about the attack on marriage, the attack on the unborn through abortion, the resulting gaps in population so that we cannot support our retirement or aging issues. And now we're going to spend money for the military, not for defense, but to socially engineer with women in combat and gays and lesbians serving and leading our military openly. The next step will be breaking glass ceilings in the military and deciding which unit is the best one for women, or for gays, or different races. That resulting lack of discipline will be dangerous, and expensive. We need to restore our values, as Lincoln said. He said, "this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom." By contrast, our Representative Betty McCollum sets the tone for the current Congress by dropping "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance. That current Congress needs to be replaced, and we need to set our priorities straight, return powers to the states and carry out Lincoln's proposition that all men are created equal. Black, red, brown, yellow and white men must get equal, quality education in math and science, and access to jobs and capital to rebuild this nation, and our budget will be restored to prosperity. Let's do it now! Now is the time, in 2012, to make these earth-shaking changes.

Then we must let the economy work to create jobs we can fill now, to support the growth of our families. We must combat and eradicate illegal affirmative action programs through through the EEOC and replace them with genuine equal opportunity.

Independence Party Platform Core Value

"A society that is inclusive, embraces diversity,

and protects everyone’s rights."

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Black Tea Partiers at National Mall challenge Democrat leadership, concluding "Must Unite! Red, black and white!"

Click to hear candidate Carlson's position on racial equality.

The View from Main Street.

Secondly, the only effective strategy for the United States, and the 4th Congressional District, to end the recession is to strive to be an engine of growth. If elected I promise not only to vote, but also work effectively across party lines and regardless of any kind of party seniority, to cut earmarks and wasteful federal spending, and push for normalizing credit, fiscal and monetary policy. But we in Minnesota, instead of sitting around waiting for the recession to end, need to fight recession and build now,
• Identifying key industries and markets we can be part of, locally or nationally, or internationally through exports or joint ventures.
• We’ve got to show that capitalism works by creating jobs here that we can fill now.
• To end the recession, we must get in the lead, and make Minnesota’s recession end by our industry, not by monetary or fiscal policy alone.
• Congress must address employment and economic initiatives uniformly, nationally, not by making deals, however well-meaning, with special constituents back home.

Be a Recession-fighter.

Third, we can and must be recession-fighters, and Congress must work with the states and the private sector to help recession-fighters. Recession-fighters are those to respond to economic downturns by retooling and reinvesting to bring back economic growth and job creation. Entrepreneurs are recession-fighters. Congress, together with the SBA and Department of Commerce, and private business and educational institutions, must lead this forcefully and with authority.