ISSUE #1 The Economy: Jobs and Business


To grow economy and private sector jobs we must overcome critical Minnesota workforce labor shortages

"With the free market system, our nation was great. We've got to act, because it's slippin', before it's too late. Let's give our American businesses a chance, you know they'll pull their weight. Vote for change."
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(3-way debate) Carlson explains how Congress can promote just-in-time hiring to create private sector jobs as U.S. battles extended recession
LINK: SEE entire general election debate of White Bear area Chamber of Commerce including all three Congressional candidates

JOB CREATION is growing faster than hires. Obama supporter Bill Clinton said if we had filled these positions as in other recessions, unemployment now would be under 7% by 2010! We MUST address this in Minnesota, although my ideas of solutions differ predictably from his government programs and social engineering approaches.

"CLINTON: In last month’s unemployment report the most stunning statistic almost no one noted, was that first time in my lifetime which is a pretty long time, we’re coming out of a recession with posted job openings, that is I’ll hire you tomorrow if you want this job and you’re qualified, posted job openings are going up almost twice as fast as job hires, If we had for the last year and a half been hiring people at the same rate we hired them in previous recessions, because we fell lower, almost 5 million more people would be employed, the unemployment rate would be under 7%, so there are a lot of innovative programs out there…"

"Changes in market wages prevent shortages or surpluses from occurring for particular jobs by changing the incentives of both employers and job seekers. Market wages play an important role in allocating workers where they are most needed." - Preston Miller, former Vice President and monetary advisor at Minneapolis District Federal Reserve Bank
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Unlike Barack Obama and my opponent Betty McCollum, I have learned economics and pay attention to what it teaches. What Congress can do to grow the economy and create critically-needed private sector employment , and what I want to do for the 4th Congressional District, is work with business leaders and educational institutions to eliminate illegal affirmative action and other regulatory burdens so they can reduce long-term workforce shortages in Minnesota, creating jobs here they can fill now. That's right, Minnesota businesses face long-term workforce SHORTAGES because our businesses create jobs faster than the population grows, but they can't fill them because of people shortages. We need to match our people with jobs to help our businesses and jobs grow today. 4th District workers can take jobs all around the Twin Cities and help drive economic growth all the way into Wisconsin, and I will work throughout this labor market area to drive private sector job growth.

In 2010, just to fund a massive ObamaCare bureaucracy, Betty McCollum and Minnesota Democrats have supported a $20 billion surcharge on medical devices, many of which produced in Minnesota. It has been reported that if this had been in effect in 2009, Medtronic, just one CD4 major area employer, would have pay $300 million to McCollum's ObamaCare. That's money that can't be paid to reward private investment, to create new jobs and enter new product areas or expand and market existing successful products. They have also added a further capital gains to 23.8% in 2013 (from 15% now) and top rate on dividends to 43.4% by 2013 just to fund ObamaCare, which supposedly pays for itself. This discourages investment to create jobs. These are just two more examples of how Obama's policies, fully supported by Betty McCollum, are killing jobs. OBAMACARE MUST BE REPEALED NOW TO SAVE MINNESOTA PRIVATE SECTOR JOBS. Obamacrats always talk about all the jobs they supposedly "saved." Let's repeal Obamacare to save some Minnesota jobs today!

The Minneapolis Federal Reserve System has historically faced long-term labor shortages which place us at a disadvantage with the East and West Coasts for attracting business and jobs. We have great transportation, rail, air and seaway, and we have the worlds greatest reserves of iron ore, which have helped put us on the map, we have timber, paper. And we have led in health care. Now we must create private sector job growth, here, now, in the 4th Congressional District or we will become just another suburb for Minneapolis. Where is the job growth in Minnesota's 4th Congressional District on Betty McCollum's watch?

Nationally, since the recovery began 20 months ago, the creation of new jobs has proceeded twice as fast as they could be filled, and many new jobs and growth was lost for a failure to recruit workers to capitalize on opportunities. To close the gap between job creation and successful recruitment and hiring, I believe Congress and the state of Minnesota must act in this area to catalyze recruitment, and give businesses every opportunity to hire new workers and ramp them up to productivity as quickly as possible. These measures will have a significant impact on job growth and help us overcome our history of labor shortages.

Current laws and our courts and enforcement agencies have Minnesota businesses tied up trying to re-engineer the workforce through illegal affirmative action campaigns.

As a result:

- Multinational employers are taking the work out of the country, where they can concentrate on doing their work.
- We've got U.S. corporations loaded down with human resources departments who fight management and specialize in finding workers who fit ever-changing demographic requirements, and who punish hiring managers if they hire a qualified man.
- We have illegal affirmative action throughout Minnesota employers. "Affirmative Action" is illegal except in those rare cases where a a specific company has made a showing that its specific job category has a history of excluding women or minorities.
- We have "comparative worth" committees of women who seek to control the hiring process to hire more women at higher wage levels, inflated by considerations that have nothing to do with performance or market-based wages for the work that actually needs to be done. (See "Down with the comparable worth bureaucracy")
- Major employers do not or cannot hire qualified workers.
- Bill Clinton in the video above cites my same "stunning statistics" which he says no one is talking about, to claim that if the gap between jobs posted and hires was closed to where it was in past recessions, national unemployment would be under 7%!

I want to let our companies hire people who want to work, to do the work that needs to be done here and now, so our companies can succeed. Title VII, which was intended to provide equal opportunity in employment, is instead providing nothing except bloated human resources departments, illegal affirmative action programs and huge, politically-motivated class action lawsuits. This is killing jobs and killing companies. China is eating our lunch, and there are more behemoths like India and Brazil lined up behind them to get a piece. This is no time to party down and celebrate! We've got to deploy, seriously, to save our economic competitiveness and this is my TOP PRIORITY.

The Minnesota federal reserve has made it plain that we have a labor shortage, because job creation is outpacing population growth in Minnesota and all district states. I think that is where we need to focus. Companies are already creating jobs they can’t fill, for whatever reason. I will work with other members of Congress and the State of Minneosta to make sure unemployment benefits are really a jobs program by helping direct unemployed and employed people alike to areas where jobs are being created and need to be quickly filled to drive economic growth. In the 4th CD this is a benefit that is provided by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development's Minnesota ( I would work with the private sector in a private-public partnership to drive growth in hires to match growth in job creation.

If we filled those jobs, that would create economic growth, because companies would be able to compete in more markets, and employees would have money to spend. Some of those jobs are food processing jobs that only migrant workers, possibly illegal immigrants will take, that allow the company to create product and sell it, and the migrants, legal or not, take the money and spend it. The labor shortage is all over the board, not just nursing or doctor jobs.

If elected I will work with economists, federal administration and the State of Minnesota to create a measure of this local labor shortage, so we have numbers, industries, geographies, kind of like the business census. That would help us greatly to target job growth and to succeed in matching jobs with workers. We know job training programs are not succeeding because lack of training is not the only barrier to meeting specific needs of employers.

A new jobs environment, a new business environment.

As your Representative, I will work to create a new jobs environment for Minnesota in the 4th Congressional District and to attract new major employers and promote opportunities for small business owners.

• For America to be competitive in the world, Minnesota workers need to be able to trust that if they commit to a job and not just a paycheck, they will be judged and solely on their performance and their work ethic--not their gender, age or race or political ideas—and rewarded with gratitude and compensation to build a good life.

• We need managers who are trained to do this, not to promote based on gender, age or race. Today, we have illegal affirmative action programs, i.e. promoting on gender or race in a job category with no history of discriminatory employment decisions at the employer. Illegal affirmative action programs violate U.S. Supreme Court precedent and threaten jobs.

• We need to overcome the labor shortage in Minnesota stemming from the fact that job growth is outpacing population growth. We need good workers, and we need to attract companies with strong leaders who realize that if they play it straight by rewarding work ability and performance in Minnesota, they can benefit by matching good people to productive jobs, not jobs that go unfilled while ignoring workers standing by.

• We need to get government off the backs of businesses, so they can concentrate on work, production and service, not social engineering goals to perfect demographic composition. This is especially critical for small businesses, but also established businesses. Everyone will benefit from this, and everyone should be able to participate through their hard work.

• Those families who are without work should be supported in their effort to find new employment by their communities and churches if that is their choice. Minnesota's unemployment benefits program has been critical in helping our workers and economy survive. The unemployed should seek suitable employment, and use their downtime to gain new experience and training to enhance work readiness, strengthen their family savings by planned consumption, and informally barter and network to help their families come through it.

"Our nation's great financial energy,
drives our innovation and synergy.
We've got to protect our Constitution,
But not every financial institution." Link to Steve Carlson rap video.