Prince life matters, Philando Castile life matters, Officer Yanez life matters

As the Democratic alternative to Betty McCollum at the top of the 2016 primary ballot I composed this rap about the tragic events of Falcon Heights, which is in my district, so I had to speak out on it. I had already been composing the work on a Guns'n'Roses road trip to Cincinnatti when the tragedy of Philando Castille occurred, so I postponed and recomposed this work, "ALL LIVES MATTER". And they do.

A poll released October 11, 2016 listed the number one fear of Americans as "Corrupt government officials." This obviously includes rigged elections. It's stunning that number two, a distant second, was terror attacks at 41%.

I endorse Republican Nominee Donald Trump’s efforts to clean up elections, based on systematic rigging of the elections. I have identified clear violations, and really, an abandonment of the U.S. Constitution and have certified these for the U.S. Senate (in 2014) and for the federal district court and Minnesota Supreme Court (in 2012 and 2014 both). And for the United States Supreme Court in 2013 and 2015. My platform for free and fair elections is more extensive and detailed than Donald Trump’s. But this man has done more to underscore the need for election reform and free and fair elections than any recent American. I will continue to seek write-in votes for president and ask you to write me in if you’re NOT going to vote for Donald Trump, because this campaign, for Free and Fair Elections Framework goes on until the elections are cleaned up and reformed. PLEASE VOTE NOVEMBER 8. I have been running, and continue to run, for president in 2016, a write-in campaign on the platform of the Free and Fair Elections Framework (FFEF). This is the product of my presidential campaign, as well as the direct outcome of my U.S. House campaign in 2012 and U.S. Senate campaign in 2014, both as the nominee of the now-defunct Minnesota Independence Party (it is delisted as the major party status it held since it was started).

After you see what's here (there's a lot), you can link to's Stuart Smalley ad on cutting off 140K MN health coverage. The music is Live at the Artist Quarters and sets out positions from 2010 that are still live.