Independent Candidate Carlson: PROTECTING YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE


As Center for Public Integrity gives Minnesota D- grade for ethics, moves U.S. Supreme Court screens out state misconduct as "frivolous or malicious" 15-6205
Clerk won't file motion to order Dayton to complete contest, send to U.S. Senate as true judges

Minnesota fight for voting rights reaches U.S. Supreme Court Carlson v. Mark Dayton, Governor, U.S. Supreme Court 15-6205

Betty McCollum started the conflict with the Minnesota Vota Quota

Statement of the case

Steve Carlson formally announces for President 2016 as independent

The road back from Obama's nuclear betrayal at the United Nations

Presidential candidate Steve Carlson believes that the decision of Obama to seek to undermine America's efforts for nuclear security in Iran constitute treason, by undermining our sovereignty. Nonetheless, he argues, we should seize this opportunity to addressed the underlying issues of which the Iran nuclear ambitions and the rise of the savages who call themselves a caliphate are just symptoms.

Independents Day: Steve Carlson decries loss of freedom and democracy by erosion of Democrats and Republicans

New Poll: 2016 Independent voters SURGE to outnumber both Democrats and Republicans combined!

Steve Carlson: Bring back the auditor position for good government, and free and fair elections.

Introducing the Caretaker Party

Franken friends suggest "jail" for making these charges about 2014 U.S. Senate elections

Steve Carlson 2016 Presidential announcement and ballot access litigation

The American way for foreign policy and national security. My alternatives to the Democrats and Republican 2016 presidential candidates

Live from the Comedy Fight Club in St. Paul, Steve addresses the critical value of REAL freedom of speech! The American way!