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Click this link to SEE AND HEAR candidate Steve Carlson perform his campaign theme song
Click this link to HEAR candidate Steve Carlson perform his campaign theme song
Click this link to hear candidate Steve Carlson perform America the Beautiful.

Steve at a St. Paul Debate

WE ARE LOSING AMERICA. How did it happen? How did we lose the sense of security of our homeland? The faith that we were moving in the right direction? Loss of control over our finances? Loss of hope of having a good job, family, and prospects for future generations? And loss over control of our health and access to medical care? These ideas of the current U.S. Congress are just wrong for America, and I want to change them, today, in 2010. We can't wait to elect a new U.S. President. We've got to act now to restore the ties that bind. Join the Independence Party in 2010 or consider voting for our candidates as unity candidates, to break down the two-party gridlock.

I was inspired to run by the Tea Parties across America resoundingly calling for immediate repeal of the so-called health care "reform". Republican Teresa Collett says this is "unrealistic", but I know if I am elected to the new Congress, we can selectively defund the new programs, keeping those that save lives in exchange for a quick repeal of ObamaCare (as an alternative to defunding them all). And Rep. Betty McCollum has lost all sense of direction, and has already introduced H.R. 5808, a bill to establish the public option in ObamaCare, and is campaigning in Town Hall meetings for the public option. Generally, she sees her role as following the Democratic leadership in Washington, not leading for Minnesota and the Twin Cities, as the debate posted here (White Bear area Chamber of Commerce). As Nancy Pelosi's senior whip in the House, she is forcing a second-class future on Minnesota and the country. We need to restore leadership from the 4th District right now. I will help to lead the charge to repeal, restore and upgrade our health care system. We need the free market system to lead real progress in health care, not a stifling, controlling health care bureaucracy somewhere in the massive federal government.SEE Why we must repeal Obamacare now!

We don't have all the answers. But there is hope for change that can restore that security and faith in our American future. I still have that faith. But I understand the urgency of our position. It is critical that we save what is best about America and continue to build on that promise. I ask all independent voters to take the issues here to heart and into the voting booth on November 2, 2010, when we choose the next America. And don't miss the opportunity to take a listen to my campaign theme song, the "2010 Saga of the Minnesota Independence and Tea Party Election" which I wrote and performed as a video here. The video has received recognition from the Washington Post, AOL News, the Huffington Post, advertising professional website The Egotist of Minneapolis and various other sites. Thank you for visiting my website, and don't forget to vote November 2, and I ask for your vote and will not let you down, but will be an effective leader from the start in Washington if I am privileged to represent Minnesota's 4th Congressional District.

Picture: Candidate Carlson debates Republican Teresa Collett and Democrat Diana Longrie. Incumbent Betty McCollum was absent.