"Deal me in!" shouts Hillary Clinton, in bid to be first woman chosen

Hillary and Debbie Wasserman Schultz stack the deck with woman's cards.

The rules have been changed by Hillary Clinton's campaign manager Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Now, a majority of the delegates from every state, and down to the precinct level, have to be women. In addition there are required quotas for minority groups, ethnic groups, and homosexuals/lesbians. This is the group with which the Democrats will seek to lead the country. This is even worse than the group that imposed Barack Obama on the people and the world and stymied the Congress while giving aid and comfort to our enemies.

Interrogatories posed to MN Secretary of State Mark Ritchie regarding alleged misconduct of flawed Senate elections, decertification of Minnesota Independence Party

Interrogatories posed to OSS Legal Counsel Bert Black regarding Blocking claim and email claim

First set to Contestee Mark Ritchie, directed to Nancy Breem, Elections Office long-time worker (Blocking claim, Email claim)

First set - Blocking claim (Al, DFL, blocking access to Minnesota courts to enforce election rights)

Second set (not "first", video's mistaken) - Debates claim (Al, DFL, Mike McFadden, GOP blacking out Independence Party Nominee views by excluding him from all broadcast debates and even mention of his existence

Third set - Caucus claim (Al, DFL, OSS, Minnesota Legislature and courts blocking Steve Carlson, Independence Party Nominee from seeking support of Minnesota DFL voters)

Fourth set - Email claim (Al, DFL, OSS and courts blocking Steve Carlson, Independence Party Nominee from using public information emails to campaign to Minnesota voters)