Check my 2010 positions on federal issues (U.S. House race)

1. Occupation:

Writer, consultant

2. Education:

Life-long learner.

3. How can the government ensure effective responses to disasters and/or pandemics?

The Gulf oil spill teaches us that the government needs good planning before licenses are granted. The feds really missed this one. BP was supposed to plan a response, and it is the government’s responsibility to review and evaluate it before the drilling starts. As a people we must have greater readiness, and unity, less divisions. Study of science, good urban and regional planning. Communication and teamwork between private and public sector. Adequate government resources and preparation. The government must recognize a disaster quickly and respond immediately, not blame others. This is the government’s responsibility.

4. What measures should the federal government take to promote economic development and create jobs?

Overcome long-term workforce shortages with policies that let companies hire the best, most productive people for work they really need done now, not meeting illegal affirmative action goals. Reward a broad range of workforce skills and good work attitudes. The work ethic is not a quirky idea of older people, it is the basis of the workplace. Provide liberal education to the industrial class, workers who want to improve society. Protect the right and duty of individuals to work and perform without favor for any classification like gender, race, age or disability.

5. How will you balance the continuing costs of military actions with the costs of domestic needs in the face of the federal deficit?

Obviously this can’t be balanced, it necessarily creates a deficit. But I would not support Obama’s domestic freeze. I would oppose earmarks instead. How and why we spend the money matters. There are serious domestic problems that can’t be ignored. We need to address these problems effectively as a nation, not creating dependency on one or the other party. We’re wrecking our economy by tearing down what has worked in the past, and businesses and capital are leaving. We need to get enterprise moving. Cutting unnecessary spending and regulation like illegal affirmative action programs is better than just cutting taxes.

6. What are your solutions for the energy needs of the future?

The world needs to achieve energy independence in stages, not in isolation from other countries. Every nation, and the world, needs to reduce its dependence on energy. U.S. should lead, totally rethinking and redesigning energy production and consumption by businesses and consumers. Government should encourage reduced energy dependence by partnering with private industry to encourage energy-efficient lifestyles like hybrid vehicles, that stretch out petroleum use with alternative fuels. Cap-and-trade inefficiently relies on manipulation of market forces. We can save energy through efficiency or design, but not through programs like ethanol that consumed more energy than it saved.

7. What do you see as the biggest challenge facing your home district and how do you plan to address it?

Radically reducing the cost while increasing the quality of public education. I will develop new internet-based teaching programs, using the Internet to teach science and math, anywhere to allow high quality self-paced learning. Accelerate learning and capability, not socially reengineer and dumb down our schools. Back to basics. Strengthen the federal education programs science and mathematics. Work with the State and the schools to redirect and improve federal support to local education where it’s needed. I will work with schools to ensure that students learn how the country is governed by the federal and state constitutions and our history.

8. What is your opinion of the recently passed federal health care legislation?

Immediately repeal and replace so-called Affordable Health Care for America act. Republicans say we cannot act until conservatives elect a new President. But we must act, quickly bringing real reform that is pro-life at every stage. Obamacare allows unlimited insurance premium growth! Doctors are limited. The uninsured still won't get access to real health care. It impermissibly takes away control of families' health care, establishing limited, basic standards of care, promoting dependence on the government and policies to withhold healthcare. Obamacare makes as much sense as sub-prime mortgages. It needs to be stopped now.