Introducing a new party movement - Independent Democrats to challenge a corrupt establishment.

Corrupt DFL gender, race, anti-faith voter quotas spread across the land in 2016, threaten Constitution

Independent Democrat challenges Hillary Clinton, leader of political corruption. Steve Carlson, formerly of the Minnesota Independence Party, wants to cleanse the Democrat Party of it's unconstitutional distortions of America's democratic republic.

In 2014 Minnesota's DFL and GOP, local branches of giant national parties, finally succeeded in destroying the Minnesota Independence Party, a thorn in their side, that stood in the way of their mutual self-dealing. But in 2016, it is the year of the independent voter. At least three members of the 2014 Independence Party slate, Carlson, Steve Williams and Bob Helland have chosen to invade the two national parties and directly challenge them in head-to-head primaries.

Why Ted Cuz "Leading from Behind" shenanigans violate 1st Amendment's free association requirement

Hillary has her own cheerleading section at the U.S. Supreme Court!

So Hillary is theoretically unbeatable. Bernie Sanders gallantly strives to attract Democrat women to socialism, but Hillary is a lock for the Democrat nomination, since the Democratic National Convention REQUIRES that a majority of all the delegates from each state be women--women who want the first woman. This practice is obviously unconstitutional. I'm running independent, and I ask Democrats to leave their party because of these corrupt practices and vote for me. My positions on the issues are better than Hillary's and I want to lead.

The motion challenging the IFP denial grounds of frivolousness has been distributed for conference on January 8, 2016. The motion is read verbatim on the video below, challenging the preliminary decision the Court would not address the Governor's illegal action backing Al Franken because to seek to make Governor Dayton follow the law and Constitution is supposedly "frivolous"

Tragically, the answer to this question is "no." Antonin Scalia died mysteriously months after pronouncing that the U.S. Supreme is "a threat to American democracy." As indeed it IS.