Why Tea Party principles are vital to save America's future

Steve Pic

November 5, 2012 - The DCCC, a Democrat outfit, just claimed the Tea Party is dead! Obviously not.

It began spontaneously, and it's coming to life again today and tomorrow, as Americans pour to the polls to dump Barack Obama and take back the U.S. Senate. Tea Party people don't tune in to the network news, because they know they will be misled by deliberate partisan disinformation. The Tea Party is truly the American people, thinking Americans, who have spontaneously risen and reacted to the derailment of our future, the future of ALL the American people, as foreseen in our national United States Constitutions, and in many of our state constitutions.

So the key principle of the Tea Party is taking our nation back to the vision of the United States Constitution. That Constitution secured liberty, and basic rights for all of us. These are the groundrules. Any party that plays with the groundrules needs to be corrected, and that is the purpose of the Tea Party movement which began spontaneously in about 2009.

These liberties which are to be secured by the establishment of our form of government include the right to private property, family rights, the freedom of conscience and religious liberty, the free exercise of conscience to live life in a way you believe is right and good. And the right to life and liberty, to make health care decisions about yourself and your loved ones without the government stepping in to block you or force you to adopt ITS decisions, based on some political party's ideas.