2014 Election Contest against Al Franken's destruction of Minnesota's Independence Party

American independent voters must unite to replace Congress, secure liberty

The independent voters of America are awakening. Our first task is to replace Congress, and elect a strong and effective President in 2016. Steve Carlson, an independent candidate for president from the Minnesota Independence Party, tells American voters to wake up and move effectively so that America will not only be restored, but America will survive, and be restored to its rightful place.

Al Franken: "If I'm caught in a lie, I'll admit." Well, he has been caught.

SNL's Al Franken accused Bill O'Reilley of "lying," mockedCheney's statements about "evil doers" in Iraq-Syria, and said "If I'm caught in a lie, I'll admit it." But Al has never admitted that the information he gave to the U.S. Senate January 6, 2015 was a lie. His hand might have been on the Holy Bible, but his certification was completely illegal. Will he admit it now?

Minnesota Supreme Court refuses to enforce election laws, resulting in election contest, U.S. Supreme Court appeal

Part II of Election Contest (click "Read More" to see Part I below)

Part I of Election Contest